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The Lehman Letter

It Pays To Advertise

Fred Coe...Kim Stanley...peanut butter...and now, Ernest Lehman.

After six years of hard labor in the salt mines of contemporary American non-fiction, this is the year I will spring my biography of Ernest Lehman -- my fourth book -- upon the public. It will be published by the University Press of Kentucky, which, despite what I believe is the relatively attenuated state of the film industry in Kentucky, has a very strong line in film books.


Publication date (or the "pub date," as publishing industry insiders say) is September 27, 2022. But there's no harm in starting to get the word out now and letting the world know what's coming down the pike. According to the poem "It Pays To Adverise":


The codfish lays ten thousand eggs,
The homely hen lays one.
The codfish never cackles
To tell you what she's done.
And so we scorn the codfish,
While the humble hen we prize,
Which only goes to show you
That it pays to advertise.


Although I've never much thought of myself as an adman, this website will promote the book and try to build a community around it. Feel free to say hi and send your (hopefully) good wishes.

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